Crack vs Coke: the similarities and differences you should be aware of

Have you ever heard about the difference between crack and cocaine? You might be surprised to learn that these two substances are not the same thing. What is more, they have different effects on the human body and brain activity. It is worth to note that people have a different attitude towards crack and cocaine. Thus, powder cocaine is usually associated with trust fund kids, rock stars, Wall Street traders, and other representatives of the elite. While crack cocaine carries a kind of stigma, making people believe that it is a heavy drug used by drug addicts, criminals, and Afro-Americans. However, in reality, all hype around crack usage has a political undertone. There is a tendency for politicians to exploit racial differences, targeting crack in black communities. They find it much easier to blame people for their problems instead of addressing such grave concerns as poverty, unemployment, and lack of rights.

If you’re interested in this topic and want to learn what is the main difference between crack and coke, keep reading this article.

The specifics and medical potential of cocaine

Cocaine is a widely consumed stimulant drug, causing addiction. Derived from coca leaves, it causes a mind-alerting effect and a general feeling of well-being. It is mainly cultivated in the countries of Latin America where the hot and humid climate prevails. From being the most frequently used drug out there, cocaine is also known for its great medical potential. It is used as an alternative treatment for morphine addiction, helping people to get to normal life. What is more, this substance comes down to raising the activity of the human central nervous system and encouraging dopamine production. Thus, pure coke helps to boost your energy, sharpen focus, and increase sex drive. However, it’s worth noting that cocaine overdose might be deadly, so you should be extremely careful when taking it and be aware of all possible side effects.

Regular consumption of cocaine powder may generate unexpected psychological and behavioral side effects. As a rule, people who take coke daily assume aggressive and paranoid habits. The human organism gets used to cocaine consumption over some time, so you will need a bigger dose to maintain the effect of euphoria every time.

What is crack and how it differs from cocaine?

Crack and cocaine are similar in some ways but still, are not the same thing. Like cocaine, crack is also a strong drug using for instant highs. However, having uneven composition, the effects of crack fade away much quicker than ones of coke powder. That is why crack addicts increase their doses to maintain the highs. Crack is a mix of cocaine with baking soda and water over heat. It comes in the crystallized substance of rocks. The recent investigations have shown that crack and powder cocaine are almost identical on a molecular level. However, crack is known to be a more potent drug. As it is only smoked, crack contributes to more effective absorption and generates a very intense high. The other difference between crack cocaine and powder cocaine lies in the high produced by each substance. When coke is snorted, it takes some time to feel the effect; however, you may experience high for a more extended period. When taking a crack, you can get an effect in a matter of moments, but a period of high will be short.

Crack cocaine vs powder cocaine: final thoughts

So if we try to figure out the difference between crack and coke, we will conclude that they are certainly not the same thing. While cocaine is the drug for people who have money (the average price ranges from $120 to $150 for 3.5 grams), a crack was developed as a cheaper alternative to cocaine, making it available for everyone. While cocaine is a pure plant-originated product, crack is a mix of coke powder with baking soda soaked with ammoniac. Though both drugs are highly addictive, the mixed composition of crack makes it more dangerous.

Knowing that crack and coke are not the same thing, you can predict what you can expect from taking this or that drug. While the effects of crack are almost identical to those of cocaine use, you should be aware that both drugs are extremely dangerous to your physical and mental health and their overdose can lead to convulsions, coma, and even death.

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